Fabric Fun! A Flirtatious Handmade Wreath

A couple weeks ago I decided to put together a fabric wreath that I want to share with all of you. The inspiration for this came from a picture a friend had posted on Facebook. I decided to try my hand at making one!

Off I went to the local crafting store to find a wreath form and I realized that a simple wire wreath would be perfect. I tried a bit with different sized fabric strips and decided that a 3″ by 6″ strip worked best and I folded each strip twice (the new dimensions became 3/4″ by 6″) before knotting to the wire frame. And I kept knotting until I ran out of fabric! Here are a few photos for you.



When making the wreaths I used one package of the Stampin’ Up! Flawless Fabric in the Flirtatious print (item 122335) and one 8″ wire wreath frame from my local big box crafting store. The total cost for the wreath was about $12 which is an absolute bargain when you look at the cost of a store bought wreath! You can certainly use a larger or smaller frame and may need more or less fabric depending on what size frame you select.

Also, I pre-cut all of my fabric strips using a rotary cutter and washed them in a lingerie bag first. This gives the fabric the slightly frayed edges…and you will definitely have some loose threads to trim from the strips before you get started with knotting. To achieve a balanced look, I sorted my fabric into three piles and consistently tied on each pattern in turn. While I did not keep close track, I think the knotting on took less than an hour to do.

This wreath is currently hanging on the outside of our bathroom door but I think it will soon make its way into my daughters’ room. I have some Spice Cake fabric on the way and will be making another wreath for the bathroom.



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