A belated valentine’s wish from a stamped ‘roo…

Yesterday was Valentine’s Day and while I did not manage to get this posted on that day, I still wanted to share with you the cards that I made for my daughter. I pulled out a stamp set that has been retired for a number of years now but that I still have and love. I initially purchased it to be able to make valentine’s cards for our nieces and nephews.  And now with little ones of my own, I can use it to make cards that they will give away.

I made two version of the card — one small for exchanging with other little ones and a larger version for cousins and my daughter’s teachers in a preschool age program she attends. The cards feature a ‘roo…always a special spot in my heart for kangaroos!

Valentine’s Day 2012 with a retired stamp set; stamped images c. Stampin’ Up!

These cards like many I have been making the last year or so are a flat card. I’ve chosen to go this route since it seems a little more green to use just a 1/4 sheet of card stock (or smaller) to make the foundation of my card and because I know many people will post cards received on the refrigerator for a time and it is definitely easier to post a flat card rather than one that opens. You can always prop a flat card against some books, a mug, or figurine if displaying on a desk or shelf. The smaller card had total dimensions of just 3″ by 4″ and this worked perfectly given the size of the stamped image which is on 2″ by 3″ piece of card stock. I think that mounting the stamped image and the pink “frame” at an angle works perfectly…centering it just looked too stiff.

I also kept these cards very simple by stamping the image and only choosing to color in the heart. Certainly this project could be stepped up in many ways…

  • embossing the stamped image
  • coloring in the entire image with pastels, watercolor pencils, or markers
  • using glitter to add color and dimension to the heart

You could replicate this card with a similarly sized image to make tags for goodie bags at a party or the tag for a small gift you are giving away. The larger card is perfect for writing a short thank you, hello, or thinking of you note. The possibilities are endless given what stamped image(s) that you use!

Happy stamping!

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