This post is has nothing to do with cows or gratuities…it has to do with one of my favorite stamping techniques. Some people might call the technique something else, but I call it tipping.

What exactly do I mean? Take a peek at my post from January 2nd. Do you notice the dark edges around most of my cardstock? That is what I refer to as tipping. To achieve the dark edge, I pulled the edge of my cardstock along my ink pad. Depending on the angle that you use you can get a little or a lot of ink on the edges. Instead of a darker color, you can also use white craft pink which will give a slightly different effect.

I like tipping because it is a quick and easy way to add depth to a project without having to pull out additional supplies. While this is easy to do, be sure to hold your paper carefully to avoid smudging! Sometimes when I’ve gotten a little smudging, I simply “tip” some more to get more ink all around and other times I’ve turned the paper over and started again.

Do you have a favorite technique or perhaps one you’d like to learn? Please leave me a comment and perhaps you’ll see that technique featured in the future!

Happy crafting!


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